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Personal information. The information we collect from users is generally used to answer customer questions and comments, process orders or provide users with access to their personal accounts. Also, we use this information to improve our relation with our customers.
1. We may store and process personal information and share it among Almería Location Scout so as to meet user business needs and improve our products and services; or
2. We may (or any third party on our behalf) use personal information to contact users regarding the products and services provided by Almería Location Scout and offer a better support for their business needs.
If you´d rather not have your personal information use to improve our relation with you (mainly direct marketing and market research), we will respect your option.


Almería Location Scout guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of the users’ personal information collected via any system allowed for data transmission, according to the Public General Acts of Parliament 15/1999 Dec. 13. All information provided by users is added to our automated archive, and shall only be processed for the afore-mentioned ends. All personal information shall be managed on the appropriate level of protection, according to Law 994/1999 June 11, taking all necessary precaution to avoid transformation, loss, management or unauthorized access by any third party that may use it for ends other than those agreed with the user. Users may execute their right to access, cancel, modify and nulify this information, as established by the Public General Acts of Parliament 15/1999 Dec. 13, at the Almería Location Scout offices: Avda. Faro Mesa Roldán, nº 92, 04140 Carboneras (Almería). Phone +34 950 13 09 85. 

We shall not sell nor rent personal information to third parties, nor non-personal information collected automatically. When users access our website, we may automatically (i.e, with no need to register) collect information not personally-identifiable (for example, type of web browser, operating system, name of domain of origin, number of visits, average visit time.) We may use this information and share it among Almería Location Scout to analyze the use of the website and improve its content.

Cookies. Information automatically stored on end-computers. When users access our website, we may store some information from their computers by means of a cookie in order to remember them next time they enter the site. Cookies are helpful in many ways, for example, by allowing us to adapt a website by focusing on user needs, and by prevent users from having to enter their passwords with every visit. Users may delete cookies from their hard-drive, block them or ask for confirmation every time a new cookie is to be registered.

Minors. Minors shall not submit any type of personal information without express content from their parents or tutors. Almería Location Scout supports all parents and tutors in educating children on how to use personal information on the internet in safe and responsible ways. Almería Location Scout shall not consciously store nor use personal information submitted by minors.
External links. The Almería Location Scout website cantains links to other websites. Almería Location Scout is not responsible for others’ websites and privacy policies.
Questions and comments. For any comments or questions regarding our Privacy Policy (i.e, edit or update your personal information), please write to
Our privacy policy changes as new developments are released through the internet. Any changes made to this Privacy Policy shall be published on our website.

Why create an account? Users must create their customer account before placing their first order, providing their name and billing address. This information, together with your email address (customer login) and key (password) of their choice, shall be used to create their personal account. Contact names and billing addresses shall be safely stored for further visits. Credit card date is only stored during order-processing. This means users must enter their credit card details with every new order.
Service fees. All service fees reported via estimate are net and do not include VAT which is calculated at the end of the purchase process.

Forms of payment. Companies, self-employed users and individuals may pay with credit card. Almería Location Scout accepts:

. Eurocard
. Mastercard
. Visa credit
. Visa debit

We use credit or debit card details only while processing your order. All details are deleted after completing the transaction.

All credit-card payments are made via our secure-server that guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data travelling encrypted along the net.

These encryption techniques codify the information sent through the internet by means of a communication protocol named SSL (Secure Socket Layers). This protocol uses an asymmetric encoding system to ensure secure transfers and a certificate authority to ensure the authenticity of the parties involved.
For security reasons and to prevent fraud, we may sometimes need additional verification. This shall be done via email or through the phone. Users must provide us with photocopies within 48 hours in order to validate orders.

Pre-payment via bank transfer:

By choosing this for of payment, after accepting the estimate by filling and sending it to, users shall receive a pro-form bill with the total amount due and instructions for payment.
Payments shall be made effective via bank transfer to our bank account and indicating the order number.

Jurisdiction and Regulations

The present legal information abides by the Spanish set of laws. Both parties raise before the court of the city of Almería, with express waiver to any other jurisdiction that may apply.

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