Our experience tells us that that photo and film shootings are best defined with the terms rush and budget. For this reason, we provide you with different services that, for little money and no time, allow you to solve beforehand all the things that don't require your presence: venue and landscape localization, local contacts, permissions...
Online Scout

For a general overview, our vast file of locations provides customers with different suggestions. Fast replies and reasonable prices turn the "Online Scout" into the right choice if you are in a hurry. Please ask for a personal quote.


Locations Fixer

If you're not looking for a full production service, we can get you in contact with an experienced location fixer. Our French, German, English and Spanish-speaking team is available for hire on a daily basis or longer, and will meet your needs whatever they are: photo shoots, advertising, corporate, documentary, or small to medium production crews.

Photo Production Services

Almería & Guadix offer many great locations for photo shoots. Be it indoors or outdoors, we will find the best solution for you! Over the years, A.L.S has built up an extensive network of professional equipment, modeling, styling and make-up agencies to work with. As for your accommodation, catering and crew needs, do not hesitate and leave that to us!

Production service list

Over the years A.L.S built up an extensive network of partners we work with. Depending on your needs, we provide you with a full range of services and facilities.


  • Production management
  • Location management
  • Location Fixer
  • Permits
  • Grip / Light & Camera rental
  • Camera Car
  • Art department
  • Local casting
  • Special effects
  • Stunt people
  • Trained animals
  • Car rentals
  • Hotel bookings
  • On-site catering
  • Insurance

If you are planning a Film or Photo shooting, contact us with information about your production needs. We can make a personalized quote for you.


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